When She Lets Her Guard Down

As a transgender male, one of the saddest moments I continue to experience is when a girl lets her guard down. Let me explain… From birth until about age 23 I presented as female to society. I (begrudgingly) wore female clothes, competed in female leagues and made female friends as a female. Some time after […]

A Pleasant Surprise

Today I received a message on LinkedIn from one of my connections. Here’s a screencap of the message preview from my iPhone: *I’ve edited out their name as a gesture in keeping them anonymous 🙂*I did ask this person if it was okay to use this. They said yes <3 We chatted briefly, did a […]

I Got the Job! 🎉

This is an update from my post about a non-technical interview tip. If you’ve read the above linked post, you’ve read how I prepped for an interview that lead me to land my first formally employed full-time gig as a Front-end Developer. Definitely give it a read or share it with someone who might benefit […]