Mission Statement

I believe that everyone has a unique lens of experiences, and furthermore, I believe there are people out there that could greatly benefit from those experiences being made visible.

This goes double if the sharer is part of a historically depressed, minority population.

Through the web, our voices can be shared and reached globally.

Because of this realization, I’m choosing to be visible about who I am, my opinions, and how I am living my life as a pansexual transgender human.

A little bit more about me…

For starters, here’s a little more about who I am in bullet point form. I am a…

  • Filipino person
  • Transgender person (FTM)
  • #3 on the Kinsey Scale
  • 1st generation American citizen
  • 1st generation college graduate

Those are the main bullet points I can think of at the time of writing. If I think of any others that I find important to share, I’ll be sure to come back and include them.

A note from Connor:

Thank you for letting me be visible for myself, for you, and for those who can’t.