Connor Ocampo
Connor Ocampo

Name: Connor Ocampo
Height: Kevin Hart
Pronouns: He/him
Location: Orlando, FL
Line of work: Front-End Development

Mission Statement

I believe that everyone has a unique lens of experiences, and furthermore, I believe there are people out there that could greatly benefit from those experiences being made visible. This goes double if the sharer is part of a historically depressed, minority class of people.

Through the web, our voices can be shared and reached globally. Imagine how many lives one could positively impact.

Because of this realization, I’m choosing to be visible about who I am, my opinions, and how I am living my life.

With hopes to inspire, energize and maybe even entertain, it is my absolute honor and pleasure to have your attention.

Getting Personal

This is where I’ll start to get a little more personal.

For starters, here’s a little more about who I am in bullet point form. I am a…

  • Filipino person 🇵🇭
  • Transgender person (FTM)
  • #1 on the Kinsey Scale
  • 1st generation American citizen
  • 1st generation college graduate

Those are the main bullet points I can think of at the time of writing. If I think of any others that I find important to share, I’ll be sure to come back and include them.

To view my Front-End Development work, click here.

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