How To Deal With Negative Thinkers

Negative Thinkers

Negative thinkers are people who:

Use the word can’t more than can.
Have an excuse for everything.
Gossip or talk behind someone else’s back.
Always find something wrong with an opportunity.

As a young adult, 27 at the time of writing, I’ve realized that negative thinkers are everywhere. They’re in the workplace, they’re in the grocery store, they’re in the classroom.

Unfortunately, you or your significant other might be guilty thinking negatively all the time.

Staying Around Negativity

It can be difficult to cultivate a positive outlook and move forward with your own dreams and ambitions if you have negative energy bogging you down.

If you have a negative interaction with someone you care about, it’s certainly worth it to calmly confront it and see about thought correction. Be empathetic and express your concern for their seemingly constant state of negativity. Sometimes people go through such rough patches negativity just sticks to them like velcro.

In serious situations, perhaps therapy may even be necessary to uncover and treat underlying causes. And please, for the love of chocolate, remove any stigma about seeking therapy being bad.

If Talking It Out Doesn’t Help

At this point, you’ve done all you can for the person(s) you care for but nothing has really changed. This might be the time to detach yourself from them with a courteous reason as to why.

Note: if you’re the negative thinker, you may need professional help. I encourage you to Google therapists in your area and see if they accept your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, then ask if they do sliding scale payment options.

Dealing with negative thinkers may be uncomfortable, but necessary in the world we live in today. Whether it’s your friend, family, co-worker, or yourself — remember why it needs to be addressed.

Good luck.

This post is inspired by the book The Magic of Thinking Big. Get rid of negative thinkers (and negative thinking) and embrace opportunity with the help of this book.

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