When She Lets Her Guard Down

As a transgender male, one of the saddest moments I continue to experience is when a girl lets her guard down. Let me explain… From birth until about age 23 I presented as female to society. I (begrudgingly) wore female clothes, competed in female leagues and made female friends as a female. Some time after […]

A Pleasant Surprise

Today I received a message on LinkedIn from one of my connections. Here’s a screencap of the message preview from my iPhone: *I’ve edited out their name as a gesture in keeping them anonymous 🙂*I did ask this person if it was okay to use this. They said yes <3 We chatted briefly, did a […]

I Got the Job! 🎉

This is an update from my post about a non-technical interview tip. If you’ve read the above linked post, you’ve read how I prepped for an interview that lead me to land my first formally employed full-time gig as a Front-end Developer. Definitely give it a read or share it with someone who might benefit […]

A Non-Technical Job Interview Tip

Here is an easy-to-overlook, non-technical tip that can boost your chances of landing your dream job. This tip can help both the interviewee and the hiring authority better maneuver through the interview process. It also aids in making every minute of an interview count in your favor! Interview Tip 💡 Prepare for being asked generic/general questions […]