Simple Way to Save $100+ Every Month

A Simple Way to Save $100+ Every Month

An extra $100 a month sure does sound good, doesn’t it?

In a year, that equates to an extra $1,200 saved! Compound that savings year-over-year and you’ve got yourself a nice cash pile starting to build up. The best part is, you can make this happen without having to get a part-time job.

$100+ Saved Is a Few Clicks Away

By unsubscribing from unnecessary monthly subscriptions that you don’t need … or worse, that you don’t even use, you can save over $100 every month! Monthly subscriptions seem like small amounts of money, especially when you’re only paying $5 to $20 a month per subscription (iTunes, Netflix, gym membership). But, let’s see how small of a price those subscription are really costing you.

Do this exercise to get a better view of your small expenses: try listing them all out on a scoreboard.

As you tally up the services, you’ll quickly notice that you’ve been paying way too much for things that you don’t need.

The Average American

The average American is a natural consumer of products and services. It’s how we were raised and even given praise for when we’d purchase high-priced items. Banks coax our indulgent spending habits by offering airline miles, cash back rewards, and more.

Here’s an example of how an average American’s subscription services rack up:

Subscription ServiceMonthly Fee
Commercial gym + year gym maintenance fee$19.99 + maintenance yearly fee ($40)
Total$95 plus tax

…and that’s without cable which despite having subscribed to streaming services, some people still have.

Most Americans have memberships to places like Costco or which I have elected to leave off of the table above because those are places where you benefit financially while paying for necessities.

But Connor, I Need to Go to the Gym

I hear you.

Exercise is SO important for maintaining both mental and physical health, but there are other options besides the gym where you can break a sweat. Go for a walk, jog, or run around the neighborhood.

Does the area you live in have a community gym? I bet it has a pool, too. There are also many public parks that have calisthenics equipment built into the grounds. Challenge yourself to think creatively and you will find a new way to exercise, for free!

Unsubscribe to Save

By simply unsubscribing to services that you don’t need, you’ll find yourself with an extra $100+ a month saved. You can use that money to pay down debt, grow an emergency fund, or invest in your retirement.

All of these options are scenarios where your hard-earned money is better spent to serve you. Having unsubscribed from Netflix and a gym membership myself, I can confidently say that after a short adjustment period, I don’t miss them.

When you’re living a frugal lifestyle, you realize where your hard-earned dollars are going. You pinpoint what it is exactly what you’re consuming, and you begin to ask yourself:

Is this product or service serving me for the better?

Is it worth it to purchase this as opposed to investing it in my future?

Saving $100+ a month can be easy if you ask yourself these two questions. The choice to unsubscribe to save $$$ is up to you.

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