My First Front-End Developer Job! 🎉

My First Front-End Developer Job! 🎉

This is an update from my post about a non-technical interview tip that led me to get my first front-end developer job.

If you’ve read the above linked post, you’ve read how I prepped for an interview that led me to land my first formally employed full-time gig as a Front-end Developer. Definitely give it a read or share it with someone who might benefit from this sort of mental preparation for an interview!

My First Front-End Developer Job

It’s been a little over two weeks as an officially employed Front-end Developer at a snazzy consultancy.

So far, my work days feel like they’re going by fast, which is good. The phrase, “time flies when you’re having fun” applies here — even though I’ve been sporting my focused learning face ’round the clock.

Me IRL, hard at work reading documentation.

Fellow co-workers, if you’re lurking this I promise I’m not mad or grumpy. I’m just doing my best to get up-to-speed with the rest of the team!

What I’ve Been Doing

My time spent so far has been reviewing the company’s repos and getting a feel for how the team structures their code.

I’ve also been getting my hands dirty with an internal project. This is a relatively stressless first go-round as I’m not dealing with any clients directly, yet.

The process of working on this internal project has been pretty straight-forward:

  • Look at a design
  • Think about the best way to structure and style it
  • Start coding
  • Use the Read-Search-Ask method if I get stuck
  • Ask for code reviews after blocks of the design is done
  • Refactor code
  • Repeat

Goals with this project:

  • Learn the team’s best practices for writing code
  • Ask well-informed questions when issues arise
  • Not make a fool of myself
  • Finish the project in a timely manner

It’s been a great learning experience so far —  definitely levels up from the comfort of picking your own projects to work on where you have first and final say in its entirety.

Some Other Things

Humble brag, our office is cool af. We’re located in Orlando Florida, in a space where it overlooks one of my favorite spots in Orlando: Lake Eola.

Aside from actual work, I’m happy to be near a beautiful place where I can stretch my legs and enjoy some vitamin D during breaks.

It’s easy to sit behind the screen and stay entertained from one site to the next so being in an office where a place like this is so accessible is seriously 👌🏻

Till Next Time

If you’d like to stay tuned with my journey, the best way to get updates is to connect with me on social media. This year I’m giving it my best to be more active with work and life updates as I’ve benefited from so many others who are brave enough to share their own stories — I hope to offer that same sentiment through mine.

I’m mostly active on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: Connor Ocampo
Instagram: @Connor_Ocampo

Additionally, if anyone has any questions that you don’t want to be publicly displayed, my DM’s are always open.

Peace out, y’all ✌🏻

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